CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022: Students are not allowed to make these 7 mistakes in the exam hall or else the points will be deducted

CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022: CBSE 10th-12th Board Exam will start from April 26, so tomorrow. Only after hard work and preparation can you get good grades for board exams. Let the students know how important preparation for the exam is, how you behave in the exam hall and how to write your exam.

It is often seen that many students unknowingly make some common mistakes while writing the exam, which prevents them from getting good grades despite hard work.

Here we are going to discuss some common mistakes that students should avoid in the exam room.

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1- It tops the list of common mistakes students make while taking the exam. The CBSE board gives its students extra time to read the question sheet. But most students are unable to use this grace period efficiently due to stress and nervousness, causing them to choose the wrong question from the options given and later repent. It is therefore time for the students to make good use of this extra time during the exam.

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2 – Generally, students start writing answers without marks, they don’t even know what they want to write themselves, so students are advised not to start answers suddenly. Think first, make a layout to write the answer in your mind and start writing accordingly. If you don’t, it’s a waste of your time.

3 – Check the questions you know the answer to and start writing. Do not overwrite while writing the answer.

4 – This is another stupid mistake students make when writing answers. When a question comes up that students have trouble answering, they keep speculating and guessing to find the right answer, losing a lot of time and not having time to write those answers down. There is also very little time left.

5 – Sometimes many students rush the data in the question form incorrectly, so that after complete calculation they get an incorrect answer. The students should be careful when reading the question.

6 – Whether it’s the result of a panic situation or the rush to finish the paper on time, students often ignore their handwriting. This makes his paper look like a sheet of messy and crumpled writing with lots of indentations and crosses. The examiner will make no extra effort to understand your answer sheet and will reduce your grades. It is therefore your duty to make some extra effort to make your answers clear and legible so that the examiner can give you a good grade.

7 – After completing the paper or when the time is up, the students hand over their answer sheet to the examiner without checking what they miss to check whether they have entered their roll number or other requested information correctly or not. It is therefore very important that every student takes the time to the end, so that he/she can check it well before handing in the answer sheet to the examinee.

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