CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022: CBSE 10th, 12th Term 2 exam centers that are far away, students can suffer so much

CBSE’s 10th and 12th term 2 board exams will start from April 26, and the admission card for the same has also been issued. As the exam approaches, the concerns of the students and parents increase. This concern is not only about the exam but also about the corona. In recent days, many questions have been raised about the spread of corona among students. All schools were opened after a break of almost two years and in such a situation such an accident is very worrying.

CBSE has decided to give away the second semester exam centers from the students’ schools. But this decision does not sit well with the students and parents and even many schools are questioning the logic behind this change of semester-1 exams. Not only schools, but also experts in the medical world are against the idea of ​​providing centers with home schools. There are many factors that affect student safety when the centers are not at their school. Let us know about some such factors.

Reason 1- Students often prefer to study in the school closest to their home. The home school also provides a better safety environment for the students. Living close to home allows them to travel less and get to the exam center more easily. A pupil is in any case better acquainted with the school environment in which he studies and can therefore better ensure safety.

Reason 2- Often the pupil feels more comfortable at home school and gets a better environment there. It is by no means the case that there are no fewer regulations at any school, but if the pupil knows the school, he can openly talk about every (health) problem and the solution to the problem can also be found in time.

Reason 3- For the past two years, most of the classes have been conducted in online mode and suddenly disappearing and taking the offline exam can be a bit stressful for the students. If the exam will be in the home school, students can take the exam without feeling uncomfortable and without any doubt. They suddenly leave the online mode and go to another school and are psychologically unprepared to take the offline exam.

Reason 4- The increasing cases of corona have again raised concern for everyone. If such problem is found in a home school, harm reduction can be done easily. Children in one place are separated so that other children can escape.

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