CBSE informs schools about performance of Class 10 students in Term-I

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) shared the performance of Class 10 students in their Term-I exams with their schools on Saturday, but said the results will not be announced until after the Term-II exams.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the council moved away from its system of taking a final exam for grades 10 and 12 at the end of the year. Instead, it split its rationalized syllabus into two terms and decided to pass the board exams end of each.

Term-I exams were held in November-December 2021 and the board now informs schools “collectively” about the theory performance of their class 10 students. This means that individual student achievements are not available to them on the CBSE website. Meanwhile, Class 12 results have not yet been shared.

The board has emphasized that the results of the students will only be announced after the exams of the second semester, with which they have been declared passed, or are placed in the essential repetition or compartment categories. The theory exams of Term-II start on April 26. Unlike the MCQ-style tests that were held in the first semester, the second semester will have two two-hour exams.

So far, the board has not announced how much weight will be given to the performance of Term-I and II, respectively, as they tabulate their results. On Saturday, the exam supervisor, Sanyam Bharadwaj, informed that this weighting will be determined when the results of Term II are announced.

All other exam-related issues will also be addressed at the time of the final results, such as measures under the unfair means rules, decisions on complaints submitted through the online dispute resolution mechanism, addressing the difficulty level between the two sets of questionnaires in the Term I exams.

The Term-I exams were embroiled in controversy, and the board had to drop a comprehension passage and associated questions in the Class 10 English paper after controversy erupted over “retrograde” content. The board had stated that all students would receive full marks for questions related to the passage.

“In all instances where issues have been reported in the questionnaires or grading schedules, the Board has exercised due care and student performance has been calculated by the Board, taking into account the revised grading schedule where ever applicable or awarding points for deleted questions. in an appropriate manner, taking into account the academic interests of the students,” read a circular from Bharadwaj.

Sajal Jain
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