CBSE: If you’re not happy with the fund’s performance, get the points…

The Central Board of Secondary Education has given the students of class 10th and 12th compartment an opportunity for grade checking, full evaluation or to make a photocopy of the answer sheet, who are not satisfied with their grades. Students only apply in online mode. Class XII students will apply for Marks Verification from October 4-6, and Class X students will apply from October 5-7. According to the board, it is the students who will request the Marks Verification, while the students request the photocopy of the answer sheet. The students who will request the answer sheet will have the opportunity to request a further full evaluation.

One hundred rupees will be charged per question: If the students of class XII want the full evaluation, they can request it. But the student will have to pay Rs.100 per question for this. At the same time, for grade verification, students are required to pay five hundred rupees per subject as a fee. Those students who want to bring the answer sheet, those students have to pay seven hundred rupees per answer booklet as a fee at the blackboard. On the other hand, for grade X verification, five hundred rupees per subject, for full evaluation, one hundred rupees per question must be paid. But for the photocopy of the answer sheet, a fee of five hundred rupees per subject has to be paid.

Gets new marking sheet and certificate

  • The board’s exam checker, Sanyam Bhardwaj, told that the students who appeared in the compartment examination and there is a change of even one grade in their result, then they will get a new grade sheet and certificate. For this, the student must submit the current grade sheet and certificate.

Mark Verification Request: October 5 to 7
Request photocopy answer sheet: October 14 and 15
Request full assessment: October 19 and 20
To request online marking verification: October 4 to 6
Request photocopy answer sheet: October 13 to 14
Request full assessment: October 18 to 19

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