CBSE 12th Result: Grades in Improvement Exam Not Final, Supreme Court Gives Great Relief to Students

The Supreme Court on Friday overruled a condition that was included in CBSE’s grading policy in June last year, namely that grades obtained in subsequent exams be considered final for the assessment of grade 12 students. A bench of judges AM Khanwilkar and CT Ravikumar said the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will offer a participant an option to accept the best of two marks obtained for a subject in the past academic year for the purposes of the statement. of the final result.

The court heard a plea from some students who took last year’s exam administered by CBSE to improve their grades in 12th grade. The apex court said a complaint has been filed over the provision in clause 28 of the June 17, 2021 policy stating that “…in accordance with this policy, the marks obtained in the subsequent exam will be treated as final.”

“As a result, we do not hesitate to set aside the special condition mentioned in clause 28, which is that the marks obtained in the subsequent examination will be considered final,” the bank said.

The court finds that the petitioners complain that this condition was added to replace the previous policy, whereby the best of two marks obtained by a candidate in a subject had to be kept in the final statement of result.

The court states that the CBSE has not provided any justification for scrapping the previous policy. Last year’s CBSE 12th board exams were canceled due to the pandemic.

In rejecting the petition, the bank said it was necessary to adopt that policy as the difficult situation facing the students in itself justifies the provision that is more favorable to the students.

Initially, CBSE’s counsel said that these students have been assessed according to the improvement survey, and now they cannot make use of the policy.

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“How does this affect you? Give us a justification, why can’t we,” the bank said.

The highest court heard a plea from 11 students, who passed the original results based on CBSE’s 30:30:40 evaluation policy and were later allowed to appear in the improvement exam held in August-September last year. .

The highest court heard the case last month and said the CBSE should consider the problem of students who appeared for Class 12 exams last year to improve their grades but got lower grades because it was higher. .

The court had said that the students who appeared in the reform exam were granted admission based on their original results and that there should be no disruption.

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