Campus placement 2022: 250 young people got jobs from 7 companies at the employment fair

Campus Placement: A job fair was organized on Saturday at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel College in the city of Bhabua in Bihar, where 250 unemployed were selected to provide employment. PR solution New Delhi played a better role in organizing the employment fair at the request of the college board. The employment fair was chaired by Director Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma and Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Sumit Rai and head of the Department of Operational Psychology, Dr. Seema Singh.

Students from Intermediate, Graduate, ITI, BCA, Biotechnology etc. participated in the job fair. The enrolled students have been selected from companies like Excital Broadband, Bharat Pay, Eye Bulls, Bodycare, 24/7 Score, Pedget Electronics and Chicago Pizza etc. The students have been selected for Sales, Retail, RF Engineering Services etc. in IT software sector . According to the information from the college board, 400 students had applied to participate in the job fair. Many professors, including the principal, said during their speech on the employment fair that if such events are held in the college, the students will not have to wander here and there. The problem of employment will be solved by the students getting a job after their studies.

There was joy among the students when they were selected at the job fair
After the selection on the job fair organized in the SVP College, there was a lot of happiness on the faces of the unemployed. Selected Hemant Kumar and Manoj Kumar told that they studied in this college and have been selected in the employment fair to be held in this college. It’s a matter of luck for us. After studies, one has to roam door to door for work. But the attackers got work by staying in their homes. Now, at the call of the company, we will go there and work diligently. Students said that in the same way, if the selection continues on the university campus, the students’ interest in studies will increase and they will not have to get lost.

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The emphasis of students will be on work-oriented education
For job-oriented education, the students of the district had to go to another state to study. Extra money was spent for this. But if there is now such a system in the neighborhood itself, you will benefit from the scholarship by staying here and following work-oriented education. On that occasion, Dr. Akhilendra Nath Tiwari, Prof. Jagjit Singh, Dr. Mahesh Prasad, Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Dr. Neyaz Ahmed Siddiqui, Dr. Harendra Singh, Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Prof. dr. Basanta, Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Dr. Sonal, Angad Kumar, Maya Sinha etc were there.

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