By September 4 STPs operational in Patna

PATNA: According to officials, the sewage treatment plants (STPs) in Pahadi, Beur, Karmalichak and Saidpur in Patna are likely to be operational by September.
The STPs have a combined capacity of treating 200 million liters of wastewater per day while covering more than 1.17 lakh households in Patna. Pahadi and Saidpur STPs each have a capacity of 60 million liters per day (MLD), Beur STP has a capacity of 43 MLD and Karmalichak ST MLD. Once the underground network is completed, no raw water from domestic sewage pipes will be discharged directly into the Ganga. After chlorination, the wastewater is treated in sequencing batch reactors and used for irrigation.
Rajeev Kumar Deo, an assistant engineer at the Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (BUIDCO), told Bihar Engineering that so far, about 90% of the sewage pipe laying and household connection work has been completed in Beur.
“The Beur WWTP will be linked to a 180 km pipeline system. Similarly, in Karmalichak and Saidpur, 85% of the sewage network work has been completed. The Karmalichak WWTP has a total length of 96.5 km and the Saipur WWTP has 217, 88 km’, explains Deo.
He added: “Pahadi STP, which is divided into two zones according to its area, has a 207.2 km sewer pipeline network, of which about 75% of the work is completed. The network is about 80% complete and is expected to be completed operational by August.”
According to BUIDCO sources, wastewater from the areas after treatment at the WWTPs will be discharged into the Ganges or other tributaries. The treated water will be used on farms, in industrial plants and for other purposes.
The engineers successfully conducted the trial on three of the four STPs, including Saidpur, Beur and Karmalichak. They are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and built using sequencing batch reactor technology (uses an activated sludge filling and suction system for wastewater treatment). They are designed to serve the needs of the local population for another 30 years.
Two additional WWTPs, in Digha and Kankerbagh, are in the initial phase of construction. Digha STP will have a capacity of 100 MLD and a 228 km sewer network, while Kankerbagh STP will have a capacity of 50 MLD and a 150 km sewer network.

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