BSEB Bihar Board 10th, 12th Result 2022: No studies in schools, now there is more concern about the result

BSEB Bihar Board Result 2022: Due to the closure of the school for two years during the Corona period, the children were unable to study, but now the exam date has been announced. Both children and teachers are concerned about the results of the exam that will be administered this month.

During the Corona period, the schools remained open for a short time. The kids didn’t reach even when they were open. Also in the current session, schools will be open from August 16, 2021, but until November was asked to study only for the 2020-21 session. From then on, the current session started but didn’t even last a month and closed again after January 3rd. Schools opened at 50 percent capacity from Feb. 7 and at 100 percent from Feb. 14, but the kids are still not coming to full capacity. Now from March 25, the evaluation exam of classes one to four and of the six and seventh class will be held. But the education of the students is not equal. Some students of PT Middle School in Tilkamanjhi only came to school for 10-15 days in two years. Some students said he still didn’t have the book. Two students said that the amount of the book had been credited to their account, but if the camp was not known, they could not buy the book. When asked what books are available, some students were unable to say. So how can we expect a better result? The ninth exam continues, but due to lack of studies, the students go back after completing the copy.

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The department had also proposed for Doordarshan online education, website and app, but except for a few children, the students could not get the benefit. Government schools are mainly made up of students from rural areas. In such a situation, the facilities of Android mobile, internet etc. were also not available for the children of these rural areas due to poor or poor access. Ashutosh Chandra Mishra, the director of Middle School Jagdishpur, said the classes were very less. In such a situation, the children are not fully prepared for the examination. However, if the children of classes V and VIII do not pass the annual exam, they have three months to retake the exam. Children need to study seriously from now on. In the remaining time, lessons can be prepared.

Bhagalpur District Education Officer Sanjay Kumar said studies have been affected by Corona but the number of days before the exams open, children have to go to school. On the other hand, the principal and teachers have to prepare for the exam.

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