BPSC PT Paper Leak: BPSC prelims paper cancelled, question paper has been leaked before the exam

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) 67th Prelims Exam (BPSC 67th Prelims Exam 2022) inquiry form has been canceled due to leakage. A special committee was formed to investigate the matter, which had to submit its report within 2 hours. But the committee promptly submitted the report within 3 hours. The report found that the BPSC PT Paper Leak occurred before the exam. Now the prelims have been canceled until the announcement of the new date.

The committee may announce the new date soon. The question paper was delivered to various telegram channels a few minutes before the exam. When the paper was ready, the original question paper was matched with the viral question paper, so the questions turned out to be identical. The students of Veer Kunwar Singh College Examination Center, Arrah have made a fuss about the paper leak (BPSC Prelims paper leak). The students even claimed that some of the candidates were allowed to enter the exam center with mobile phones and were also preparing in the exam centers.

What do students have to say?
Students who showed up for the exam say that certain students were allowed to enter the center with telephones in advance and that they were given questions in advance by sitting in a separate room. Question papers were also given to other students late. When the students made a fuss about this, they were threatened by the higher authority to involve them. When asked about it, officials declined to comment.

The committee makes the final decision!
When the students caused a riot, Arrah DM Roshan Kushwaha called off the exam himself. All the candidates continued to create a commotion by standing at the gate. It is reported that BPSC will now make a final decision after the investigation is closed.

Demand to cancel the exam from CM Nitish Kumar
It is assumed that the exam can be cancelled. There was already a possibility of paper leakage, for this the President of Student Ekta Manch Dilip Kumar demanded the cancellation of the exam by sending an email to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar along with the photo of the question paper which went viral before the start was on Telegram and WhatsApp from the exam. †

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