BPSC 67th Exam 2022: Candidate dies of heart attack during BPSC exam in Lakhisarai

During the BPSC examination on Sunday, a candidate died at the Arlal College exam center at the district headquarters. The late examinee was Banarsi Singh (35), son of Kusheshwar Singh, a resident of the Parsoi Obra colony in the Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. Banarasi passed out and fell on the couch while conducting the investigation. To bring him out of unconsciousness, the invigilator and others present in the examination room tried to bring him to his senses by splashing water. Even after many efforts, when the candidate did not regain consciousness, an ambulance was called after calling Sadar Hospital and he was sent to Sadar Hospital.

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There the doctor declared him dead. DM Sanjay Kumar Singh and SDM Sanjay Kumar hastily reached Sadar Hospital as soon as the candidate was unconscious and inquired about the matter. Then they reached Sadar Hospital and investigated the matter. The DM immediately informed the BPSC of the incident via messages and requested that the details of the deceased be provided.

Young man stayed with older brother in hotel
After the investigation was over, when Krishnakant Singh, the elder brother of the deceased, reached the investigation center, he learned of the incident. After this, the SDM present there took him to the Sadar Hospital. At the Sadar hospital, Krishnakant said that both brothers had reached Patna on May 6. From there he came to Lakhisarai and stayed in a hotel near the market committee. Banarasi had reached the exam center with him. After taking Banarasi to the center, he returned to the hotel. When he reached the center after the investigation, he received information about the incident.

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Heart attack occurred after solving 36 questions
The DM, who reached the inquiry after the death of UP’s examinee Banarasi, said that after seeing Banarasi’s question form and answer sheet, it was found that he had solved 36 objective questions before passing out. After this he passed out on the couch itself, attempts were made to bring him to his senses by splashing water, but did not regain consciousness.


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