Board Exams 2022: Cancelling exams can’t be a norm, say school principals on SC’s decision to not cancel offline exams

Principals of several schools on Wednesday applauded the Supreme Court’s decision to reject a plea for cancellation of offline board exams, saying failing to administer exams cannot become the norm, even as some parents regret it. will increase the stress of students already affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a plea to cancel offline exams for grades 10 and 12 to be conducted by the CBSE and several other boards this year, saying such petitions give “false hope” and “confuse” students who attend. to appear on these exams.

“I fully support the decision of the Supreme Court that canceling offline board exams should not become the norm. If the signs were to be dropped this time too, it would send the wrong signal to the students who could leave the course if they are not in their comfort zone. The 2021-22 session was not quite a virtual session and the students were able to go to school and take advantage of the offline classes,” said Pallavi Upadhyaya, Director, DPS RNE Ghaziabad.

She said that although the schools closed shortly after the first-semester exam, teachers during that time were able to complete many important concepts scheduled for the second-semester exam. The teachers have also been able to conduct numerous revision tests online to strengthen the students’ understanding in the students, she added.

Renu Shorey, director of Gillco International School, said the Supreme Court ruling is in the students’ favor as they know how strong the country’s education system is.

“Exams are very essential and it is the first step in every student’s life as an individual to develop, acquire values, learn to assess and understand concepts, and most importantly, fill them with positivity.

“Exams also help teachers to understand the mental capacity of the students and correct their shortcomings. In addition, it helps the students to know their weaknesses and strengths so that they can choose their career wisely and grow,” she said.

Shorey added that the school board fully understands the damage done by the pandemic, but the gap was filled by online classes and we at GIS have ensured that every student from our school attended online classes so they can be prepared to take exams. to give.

Meanwhile, Delhi Parents Association president Aparajita Gautam shed light on the authorities’ apathy towards the whole situation.

“Students have had to give up a lot in recent years. They have done everything they can to learn what is being taught, but the government and the government have not done their job. This creates a lot of stress for the students who have not been able to study during the online classes due to a lack of resources,” said the official.

Alka Kapur, director of the modern public school, insisted that there is no better place to study and give exams than schools, but unforeseen circumstances and adverse situations sometimes force one to choose other alternatives, such as what happened during the second wave of Covid last year.

“This year the scenario is different and we successfully dodged the Omicron crisis. Now is the time to show confidence, courage and cooperation to make up for the loss we have endured over the past two years. None of us can escape our responsibilities to society, and young students must take the lead,” she said.

“When all preparations are made, most schools have completed the syllabus and students are in direct contact with their teachers and school board, what worries some people about offline exams? We must respect the court’s decision and support children in this ‘new normal’,” she added.

Sajal Jain
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