Bihar: Water Resources Department Launches Project Monitoring App

PATNA: State minister for water resources, Sanjay Kumar Jha, launched a first of its kind mobile application on Thursday called ‘Dedicated Reporting Information System to Handle & Track Inspection’ (Drishti).
On Wednesday, a day ago, the Water Resources Department (WRD) launched an e-Office, and this launch is seen by the Department as an attempt to speed up the modernization process.
The ‘Drishti’ app makes it binding for all inspecting officers to upload real-time updates on the progress of all projects from the department to the headquarters.
In launching the application, Jha said Chief Minister (CM) Nitish Kumar has always encouraged the use of technology to make our systems effective and efficient.
“The CM monitors the progress of all departmental arrangements and has always emphasized their timely completion. This app is in line with the vision of the CM. I am sure it will help to accelerate departmental projects and increase their on-time completion. It will help us scale the efficiency of our engineers in monitoring the different schedules. I am sure this will help bring transparency into the system and accelerate our projects,” the minister said.
He added: “We are actively exploring technology to bring efficiency to departmental work. E-office was launched to speed up the file approval process. With the launch of this app, we have taken another big step towards embrace technology in the day-to-day operations of the department.”
According to the Secretary (Water Resources) Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, with the help of this app, real-time monitoring of various projects by the headquarters will be done in a better way. “It will also be possible to take rapid action at the headquarters level if there is an obstacle in the work,” he said.
All on-site inspection assignments by the WRD officers will assist in providing relevant information through this app such as man and material availability at project sites, physical progress of projects and causes of their delay, all accompanied by day-by-day geo-tagged photos and Others . Senior officials at headquarters will be able to immediately access and review this information and work on corrective action as needed.

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