Bihar: The engineer sold the bike by showing fake ‘Natwarlal’ style orders, the performance was revealed as follows..

patna : Bihar: Many such movies were made in Bollywood in which Natwar Lal sold the Taj Mahal and Ganga Ghat, but similar incidents have started in ‘Real’ except in ‘Reel’. A state in East India It is connected to the Purnia Court station which comes under the Samastipur division of K where an engineer who worked at the railways sold the whole engine. Even the officials paid no attention to it. The information about the outage came when a woman on duty, Sangeeta Kumari, launched an investigation. Based on his report, now on the statement of RPF Inspector MM Rahman, an FIR was registered at Mandal’s Banmanki post late Sunday night.


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Actually, this shocking case has been told in connection with Purnia Court Station. It is alleged that Rajiv Ranjan Jha, an engineer of Samastipur sold Loco Diesel Shed, the old steam engine of the small line that stood for years near the Purnia Court station of the Railway Division, to the scrap metal mafia by showing false office order from DME . To prevent the matter from coming to light, with the knowledge of an inspector working at the diesel pilot post, an entry was also made on the pilot’s internal register to enter a van scrap. The outage started when, on December 14, 2021, engineer Rajiv Ranjan Jha of Samastipur Diesel Shed, along with helper Sushil Yadav, was found near Purnia Court station while the old steam engine, which had been standing still for years, was severed with a gas cutter. When MM Rahman R, Purnea’s commander, detained the mechanic, he showed DME’s letter from the diesel shed and gave a written memo to the RPF that the engine scrap should be returned to the diesel shed. The next day, Officer Sangeeta saw the entry from the scrap picker, but the scrap wasn’t there. Sangeeta has communicated this to the officials.

During the RPF’s questioning about this theft, the DME said: ‘No order has been given from the diesel shed to take th

Bihar: The engineer sold the bike by showing fake 'Natwarlal' style orders, the performance was revealed as follows..

Engineer sold the old small steam engine to the scrap mafia by giving a fake order (symbolic photo)

e scrap from the engine.’ The search for scrap began after information from Agent Sangeeta. Divisional Security Commissioner AK Lal said that when MM Rahman started the investigation regarding the diesel pilot’s letter, the pilot’s DME refused to issue such a letter from the office. Even after two days of searching, the information about the scrap loaded vehicle was not found anywhere, then an FIR was filed in this case. In this case, on the statement of RPF Inspector MM Rahman in Purnea Court, an FIR was registered late Sunday evening at Mandal’s Banmanki Post, where seven people, including engineer Rajiv Ranjan Jha and helper Sushil Yadav, have been charged. On the other hand, on the orders of DRM Alok Agarwal, Inspector Virendra Dwivedi, posted to Diesel Shed Post, alongside Engineer and Helper, has been suspended with immediate effect. The RPF team has been constantly looting to arrest the engineer in hiding RR Jha since the case came to light.

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