Bihar STET candidate uploads Malayalam actress’s photo on exam form, candidature withheld 

In an infamous incident reported in Bihar, Malayalam actress Anupama Parameshwaran’s photo was affixed to the test result of a Jehanabad-based aspiring aspiring aspiring artist Rishikesh Kumar. Rishikesh qualified the aptitude test for secondary teachers, scoring 77 percent.

According to a statement released by BSEB, to appear in the Secondary Teacher Eligibility Test (STET) exam, 2019, the exam form was completed by the candidates themselves. In this series, while filling out his exam form, Rishikesh Kumar uploaded a photo of a South Indian actress instead of his own.

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The board states that during the period of the examination form being completed by the candidates and even after that, the committee provides many opportunities to correct various types of errors including pictures in the examination form by publishing various publications in the newspapers. However, Hrishikesh Kumar made no correction to this.

It is noteworthy here that in the case of a photo mismatch, the candidate must also request correction in his photo after the committee has announced the results of the investigation, by submitting the documents together with the supporting documents. But instead of reporting the incident, Hrishikesh Kumar made the document containing the South Indian actress’s photo viral.

“The committee will therefore, in this case, seek explanations from Hrishikesh Kumar for uploading his photo incorrectly and for failing to rectify the error despite giving several chances. We also withdrew his candidacy for uploading the wrong photo and deliberately tarnishing the image of the committee,” the statement said.

Dhanashri Etihsa Sharma
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