Bihar: Engineer found murdered in Hajipur

PATNA: Police recovered the bullet-riddled body of a software engineer at his Katra residence under Hajipur City Police Station in Vaishali district on Tuesday evening.
The deceased was identified as Suman Shekhar, 34. According to his family’s statement to the media, he worked for a private company in Pune. Currently, he has been working from home for almost five months due to the Covid pandemic.
Vaishali Sadar SDPO Raghav Dayal said Shekhar was shot dead on his bed in his sleep. “A suspect wearing a cap and mask was seen in the CCTV cameras installed in his four-storey home. He entered the house around 9:16 am and escaped within minutes of shooting him,” he said.
Dayal said Shekhar was shot twice in the head. Police found two empty cartridges from his bedroom. “There was no sign of burglary. He lived on the second floor and the doors that were always used were left open for a maid who came to work around 8 a.m. every day. The killer took advantage of this situation. The case came to light when a neighbor came to ask him for dinner one evening and found him murdered,” he said.
The SDPO said Shekhar’s wife is pregnant and has gone to her family home. He was alone. “The first floor and the upper floors were locked. There is a tenant on the ground floor, but he has not heard or seen anything,” he says.
Dayal said police believe he was killed because of illegal arms smuggling and the ensuing disputes. “Shekhar’s eldest brother Santosh Singh alias Hathia, a gun smuggler, was shot dead on December 18, 2018. His second brother is currently behind bars in a gun smuggling case. His youngest brother lives separately from the family,” he said.
The SDPO said police learned that Shekhar was engaged in a money-lending operation, which was previously run by his two brothers.
He said two individuals, including the one visible in the CCTV footage, have been charged with murder by Sekhar’s family. “Both suspects are involved in arms smuggling. They evade arrest,” he said.
Dayal said a notorious arms smuggler, Om Prakash Chaurasia, was arrested more than a year ago with a regular carbine from Shekhar’s home. “He lived as a tenant. Later, a few police officers were also arrested in Chaurasia’s case,” he added.

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