Bihar Board Result 2022: There was no science teacher in the school, but Vishnu Kumar became the fifth science leader

Bihar Board 12th Result was released on March 16 in which guys won this time around. The story and struggle of all these toppers is very inspiring from which other students can learn a lot. There are not one or two stories like this one in Bihar Board, but there are many such stories that inspire that if the determination is set, then how success can be achieved in any strange situation.

That is the story of Vishnu Kumar who took fifth place in the science stream of Bihar Board whose school had no science teachers but Vishnu challenged the circumstances and became the top of the science stream itself. Vishnu Kumar, who studied in Patna, was enrolled in his school by FSS, but there was only one building in the name of science, but there was no science teacher. There was an art movement teacher, but his subject was science. Vishnu says that having not had a physics teacher at school, if he had depended solely on the school, he might not have passed.

Gives Dad credit for hard work and success
Vishnu is a student of Patna’s high school and has come fifth in the Bihar Board 12th exam by getting a total of 469 points in the science stream. Vishnu, who became the fifth state stopper, credits his father for his success. Vishnu’s hard work and indomitable courage have become his success and he has become the fifth state stopper in the science stream. Every year, many such top performers appear in the board exams in front of people who are forced to kneel for their hard work due to their condition.

This time, 80.15% students passed the 12th exam of Bihar Board, which is better than last year’s result. The result of the exam was announced by the State Minister of Education Vijay Kumar Choudhary. The government is doing a lot to encourage all deserving students. This time around, the topper will also get a laptop, Rs 1 lakh and Kindle e-reader, while the second-ranked student will get Rs 75,000, laptop and Kindle e-reader.

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