Big announcement from the national government! Preparation of 15 thousand model schools in the country, provision of Rs 1800 crore in the budget

The central government is going to develop 15,000 schools in the country as model schools (Exemplar schools) for which a financial provision of Rs 1800 crore has been made in the budget of fiscal year 2022-23. According to sources, this proposal has received approval from the Ministry of Finance and is now awaiting cabinet approval. According to the budget document for the fiscal year 2022-23, a financial provision of Rs 1800 crore has been made for the plan to develop 15,000 schools in the country as model schools.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is coming up with a new scheme for this, under which these schools are being developed. What is special is that all these schools will be government only, which will be selected together with the states. Under this scheme, the government aims to develop at least one model school at each block level by 2024. According to the document, the model schools to be developed under this scheme include 1470 primary schools and 1470 primary schools. In addition, 6030 secondary schools and 6030 upper secondary schools are being developed as model schools.

It is worth noting that last year’s general budget announced a plan to set up a model school in the country. Sources said the proposal aimed to develop one primary and one primary school in each block and one secondary and one secondary school in each district as excellent schools.

Under the proposal, Adarsh ​​School aims to ensure the availability of adequate resources and infrastructure to provide diverse learning and experiences in a safe, stimulating educational environment for all students. Emphasis will be placed on increasing school attendance and promoting basic skills and numeracy and discouraging early school leaving by facilitating access to education. Sources said these schools will assist in the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) and will emerge as exemplary schools of excellence in their respective fields.

The education system adopted in these schools will be more practical, holistic, integrated, based on real life situations, curiosity and learner centricity. These will have all facilities such as smart classroom, library, skill lab, playground, computer lab, science lab, etc.

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