BEC Placement: Bhagalpur Engineering College is also working on increasing the package of placement

BEC Placement: Bhagalpur Engineering College (BEC) is working on increasing the package and placement of the students. Until now, the students here received an annual package of five to seven lakhs, but now the aim is to increase this as well. As a result, in the past, a computer engineering student was selected on an annual package of Rs 30 lakh.

College director Dr. Pushpalata said the placement of students has increased. In addition, an extension of the package is being worked on. It has also largely succeeded. At the same time, it was also praised by the members of the NAAC team.

Teachers and students involved in cell placement
By activating its placement cell, BEC has started to work as a team by engaging a large number of teachers and students. Everyone has different responsibilities in this. Some contact the company and some prepare the students for job interviews. From group discussion to removing linguistic inaccuracies, teachers make an effort. Not only this, it is the job of some members to provide training to the students in accordance with the needs of the company so that the students worthy of the company are prepared. Based on this, the company gives better packages.

Increased interest in online courses
The company also tests the students’ mental stress tolerance during selection. For this, they also take online information about various courses. According to the company, various online courses will be offered to the students from the third semester itself. Its advantage is also used to get better packages for the students.

Triple IT also made online courses for students
Bhagalpur Triple IT has also increased the number of placements and packages by providing online courses and training to the students. dr. Gaurav Kumar, who is responsible for the placement of Triple IT, said that according to the companies, training of data structure, java, web development, app development, bike development, database was provided to the students. As a result, this time a double packet was received compared to the last time. Last time an average packet of eight to ten lakhs was received, this time the average has increased to 14 lakhs. Many students have the maximum package of 25 lakhs. Taking into account the needs of the company, additional training leads to better placements, he added.

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