Awaiting UP Board 10th Result, 11th Online Lessons…

UP Board high school students find themselves in a strange situation. On the one hand, the government has not been able to decide whether to take in or foster about 30 lakh children of class 10. At the same time, the online education of class 11 has also started from Thursday. At this time, the children cannot understand whether to prepare for the 10th board exam or start with the 11th grade.

Kids have been messaging their school’s WhatsApp groups asking teachers what to do, but no one has answers. Due to this confusion, many schools have not yet started grade 11th. Yugal Kishore Mishra, principal of Jwala Devi Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College, says that due to the confusion over the board exam, the classes of 11th have not started yet. The children were asked to inquire later.

Thousands of children have no mobile, how to study?
Prayagraj. Thousands of children are unable to take classes online because they do not have smartphones, laptops, desktops or tablets. Last year from 9 to 12, more than 40 thousand children of the district could not participate in online classes due to lack of resources.

The girls said the board exam is in their best interest…
According to Tanu Kesarwani, a 10th student in Krasthwaite Girls College, the 10th exam is very important because based on it, we choose the subject in the 11th. They say that we will not know our grades in all subjects due to promotion. This hurts the kids who have worked hard for the board exams. Swati Dubey says that the tenth exam is the beginning of our career. The investigation took the fear of the board out of the mind. Vaishnavi Chhari, Tamannaah Oberoi and Srishti Verma believe that if there had been a board exam, we would have passed with our hard work and chosen the subject in 11th grade accordingly.

Priyanshi Mayuri
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