6 years have passed but so far the salary of vocational teachers in Delhi has not increased

new delhi: The salary of vocational trainers from government schools in Delhi has not increased for more than 6 years. Professional trainers protested in recent days and demanded a pay rise. The performance of MBO teachers continued as usual from 1 March to 12 March. The demand for teachers teaching with a salary of 20 thousand rupees is very simple. These teachers want their salary to be increased every year. In the year 2015, vocational trainers were appointed in government schools in Delhi and since then their salary has not increased. The troubled teachers demonstrated many times, but the government’s ear didn’t even crawl. On March 12, the vocational trainers gathered and marched on foot to the Chief Minister’s residence, but as soon as the Civil Line reached the red light (some distance from the Chief Minister’s residence), the police stopped all trainers.


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Why is the salary of a vocational trainer lower than that of other teachers?
The salaries of these teachers who work under the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) scheme of the central government are very low compared to regular teachers. A permanent teacher gets an average salary of Rs 65 thousand per month while vocational trainers working on contract earn only 20 thousand rupees per month. At the same time, these trainers only get 16-17 thousand rupees by beating. These teachers are appointed by private companies. In fact, the central government has given state governments the ability to appoint these trainers through direct and third parties. There are 784 vocational trainers in Delhi, who are employed directly through outside companies rather than the education department. These teachers must work the same number of hours as other teachers, but do not receive the same salary and facilities.

What do vocational trainers have to say?
Vivek (name changed), a trainer told Bihar Engineering: “Government has become, not every day schools open, special schools are also opened, but in the midst of it all, when education is talked about everywhere, Part Four of it is spent on education, in those same 7 years our salary has not even increased by ₹ 1. This is the same period when the Delhi government is loudly beating its education model, we also work in government schools so why do we stay and the future of our students untouched by Delhi’s educational model and advanced methods?

Ashish (name changed), a teacher said, “We work just like other government school teachers. Teach the same number of hours and complete the rest of the schoolwork, but our salary is lower. Why does the government discriminate against us so? We ask that our salary be increased every year and that we be given equal status.

What did the Minister of Education say?
On 20 October 2019, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia assured the vocational trainers at Thyagaraj stadium that the salary of vocational trainers would be increased at the earliest, but it is 2022 and the salary has not increased even today.

If the government of Haryana can increase salary, why can’t the government of Delhi?
The National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) is a scheme whereby vocational subjects are taught in government schools in every state. This scheme is implemented by the central government together with the state government. Speaking of Delhi, subjects like IT, Retail, Automobile, Travel and Tourism and Financial Markets Management are taught here in vocational education. Vocational training is also provided in the government of Haryana under this scheme. On March 8, the government of Haryana announced an increase in the salary of vocational trainers. The Haryana School Education Project Council has issued a notice saying that the salary of vocational teachers has been increased from 23,241 to 30,500 per month.

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At the same time, it was also announced that the salary of these teachers will be increased by 5 percent every year, so now the question is, if the government of Haryana can increase the salary, why cannot the government of Delhi?

Why are the unemployed teacher candidate wandering even after there are lakhs of teacher posts vacant in UP?

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