2021 CTET Result: CBSE can release CTET Result through normalization method, know the effect on the numbers

CTET Result 2021: Waiting for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) result is ongoing. In the CTET report of the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) the provisional date of the result was mentioned as 15 February 2022, but the result has not yet been released. While waiting for the CTET result, candidates should understand the normalization method. In a message from CBSE on December 14, 2021 regarding CTET, it was told that the result of CTET 2021 can also be declared through the normalization method.

CBSE had said in this post: “The 15th edition of CTET will be run from December 16, 2021 to January 13, 2022 in multiple shifts. The board will provide different sets of questionnaires in each team. It is brought to the attention of all stakeholders involved in the exam that every effort has been made to ensure an even level of difficulty of the questionnaire and coverage of the syllabus. Furthermore, if there is variation in the difficulty of different sets of question papers, the board can apply the method of score normalization to ensure more fairness.’

Let us tell you that the method of Marks Normalization is applied in several other recruitment and competitive exams. When the exam is taken in several shifts and over several days, there is the possibility of variation in the difficulty of the question form. The Marks Normalization formula is widely applied to bring uniformity in the difficulty of the questions. With this method, the difficulty of the questionnaire of different teams is brought to one level. The marks of all candidates who appeared on the exam are normalized according to a formula.

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Suppose that the average score of the students of that team is very low because of the difficult questionnaire in a team. And on the other hand, the further score of the students of that team has become very high due to the very easy question form that comes in another team. So the balance is made by subtracting and incrementing the score from the score normalization formula.

The Railway Recruitment Board has also adopted this Marks Normalization method in several exams in recent years. It has happened many times that the figures of many candidates exceeded the total. The raw marks obtained by the candidate are very important in determining his/her normalized marks.


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