1.73 lakh students of DU have completed digital degree

A record 802 scientists received a PhD degree at the 98th Convocation of Delhi University. A lakh 73 thousand 443 students received digital diplomas during the convocation held on Saturday in the multipurpose hall of the DU sports complex.

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was the main guest at the programme, presenting the digital diploma by touching the tab with his hands. The degree will likely be available to students in physical form within the next two months.

DU Vice Chancellor Prof. Yogesh Singh conveyed his best wishes to the students who obtained the degree in the convocation. He expressed his gratitude to the Chief Guest and said it is nevertheless a privilege for the Defense Secretary to take the time to take the time to take the time. for this function. It is the first time that the DU degree is secured with blockchain technology.

197 gold medals for 158 students: Vice Chancellor Prof. Yogesh Singh said 802 students have completed a PhD for the first time in the university’s history. All digital degrees are made available through DU-developed software e-governance blockchain. In addition, 158 students received 197 gold medals (some students received more than one gold medal). He informed that 50 students had obtained a doctorate in medicine, Master of Surgery.

Sanskar more important than knowledge: Rajnath

During the convocation, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, it’s about how big your mind is and what your values ​​are. He said that the direction of life is not determined by education, but by initiation.

Rajnath Singh said don’t be afraid to fail in life because no success is final and no failure is fatal. Perseverance and patience is the key to life. Referring to India’s contribution, he said India’s contribution has been significant, from the Nobel Prize awarded to the first Indian scientist CV Raman in the last century to the world’s greatest discovery of the God particle. He said there will be many changes in your life. The next life begins with what you learned during your education.

Posthumously, two scholars received a diploma

DU awarded posthumous diplomas to two scientists for the first time. Manoj of the Department of Mathematics and Burhanuddin of the Department of Commerce received posthumous diplomas. Manoj’s father, who retired from the military, said his son died of blood cancer in March 2021. Manoj’s guide Prof. BK Tyagi said that many of Manoj’s research papers have been published in foreign journals. Burhanuddin Sheikh’s guide Prof. Madanlal said Burhanuddin was an ad hoc professor of mathematics at Zakir Hussain College. He died of Corona in April. His mother suffered from cancer.

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